Child wounded in crossfire between UPDF and JSS in Rangamati’s Sajek


A child, identified as Romeo Tripura, was injured during an hour-long gunfight in Sajek, Rangamati, between two rival groups, the UPDF Prosit Group and the JSS Santu Larma Group on Sunday afternoon.

Romeo, son of Phoben Tripura from the Gandaramchhara area of Sajek Union, was caught in the crossfire that erupted in the hills of the Gandaramchhara area, Baghaichhari Upazila. 

Joppuithang Tripura, a local union member, said that the area echoed with the sounds of 250-300 rounds of gunfire from 3 PM. Amid the chaos, Romeo was struck by a bullet while fleeing to safety, necessitating immediate medical attention.

After initial treatment at the BGB’s Sialdah Lui Border Outpost, the wounded child was transferred to a temporary hospital in Sajek Ruilui for advanced care. 

Abdul Awal, Circle Officer of Sajek Police Station and Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police in Rangamati, assured that all necessary medical arrangements have been made for the child’s recovery.

This incident follows the February 4th killing of two UPDF members, Dipayan Chakma and Ashish Chakma, in Machalong Bridge Para, Sajek, with UPDF attributing the attack to the JSS Santu Larma faction.

Meanwhile, President Md. Shahabuddin’s ongoing three-day visit to Sajek has led to heightened security measures in the region. 

The recent gunfight between the UPDF and JSS factions has escalated tensions and fear among the Sajek residents amidst the increased security presence.

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