Khagrachari Army Region distributes financial assistance


The Khagrachari Army Region distributed financial assistance as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain peace, harmony, and stability in the Khagrachari Hill District.

Brigadier General Sharif Md. Aman Hasan, Commander of the 203rd Infantry Brigade and Khagrachari Region, distributed the assistance on Wednesday morning at the Khagrachari Army Region Headquarters.

The aid, totaling 254,190 BDT, was allocated to 10 underprivileged patients for medical treatment, one refrigerator for food storage at the Darul Aitam orphanage, renovations for the Alokito Pahar newspaper office and a local library, and various forms of support for impoverished families.

Major Rezaul Karim Ibne Rashid, DQ of Khagrachari Region; Major Sadat Rahman, BM; Major Jabir Sobhan Miad, GSO-2 (I); Captain Rafid E Mawla Sakib, and other officials were present at the event.

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