KNF and peace committee hold second round of talks in Bandarban


In an effort to bring peace to the hills amid the ongoing situation, the second dialogue between the Shaanti Pratishtha Committee (Peace Establishment Committee) and Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) took place in Bandarban on the Zoom platform, lasting for three hours.

During the talks, both the sides reached an agreement to cease shootings, disappearances, killings, and unexpected incidents involving tourists. It was also proposed that the ‘Peace Establishment Committee’ hold direct discussions.

On Friday (August 4) from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, the 10-member Peace Establishment Committee participated in the discussions from the Bandarban Hill District Council meeting room.

The Peace Establishment Committee was represented by its spokesperson, Kanchan Jai Tanchangya, and four members of KNF, including its Brigadier General Mawai alias Laljongmai Bum.

This information was confirmed by Kanchan Joy Tanchangya, the spokesperson of the Peace Establishment Committee and a member of the Bandarban Hill District Parishad.

Regarding KNF’s demands, Kanchan Joy Tanchangya stated that they presented the same demands as in the first discussion.

The Peace Establishment Committee offered to hold direct talks within the country, but KNF declined, citing security concerns, he said.

However, Tanchangya said, KNF expressed willingness to engage in direct negotiations if provided with adequate security.

Additionally, KNF asked about the legitimacy of the Peace Establishment Committee, whether it has the government’s approval, and if their demands are reaching the government, he said.

Conversely, the peace committee spokesperson said, the ‘Peace Establishment Committee’ requested KNF to provide their demands in writing.

On Jun 22, Bandarban Hill Zilla Parishad Chairman K Shai Hla was appointed as the convener, Kanchan Joy Tanchangya as the spokesperson, and Laljar Bam as the member secretary of the peace committee.

The primary objective of the committee is to resolve the ongoing ‘Kuki-Chin National Front’ (KNF) issue in Bandarban.

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