KNF damages Rowanchari road to delay law enforcement response


Kuki-Chin National Front, or KNF, terrorists have damaged a semi-pucca road in Bandarban’s Rowangchari upazila, rendering it impassable for vehicles.

The incident has led to significant inconvenience for the local population, resulting in travel difficulties and widespread chaos in the area.

According to local sources, on June 24, a group of approximately 10 to 12 armed KNF militants targeted the road near Kaplong Para of Sadar UP in Rawangchari Upazila.

These terrorists forced local poor farmers into digging a sizable hole in the middle of the road, bringing traffic to a complete standstill.

It’s important to note that this particular road is primarily used by motorcycles and army vehicles, with limited car usage.

The motive behind this act was to impede the response time of law enforcement authorities in cases of extortion and abduction.

KNF has long been engaged in extortion and abduction, specifically targeting residents in places such as Kaplong Para, Paikxyong Para, and Khamtang Para.

According to Daily Bandarban, KNF often establishes temporary bases in Rowangchari upazila, engaging in various illicit activities, extortion and hostage-taking.

These unlawful actions primarily impact the residents and businesses located in different areas surrounding Rowangchari upazila.

The damaged road holds significant importance as it serves as a vital transportation route, constructed by the government in a remote region.

It is heavily relied upon by the local population for their daily commute and transportation of agricultural produce.

The actions undertaken by the KNF not only deplete valuable government resources but also impose hardships on the affected residents, significantly compromising their quality of life.

As a result, the affected community is earnestly appealing to the local government for prompt repairs to reinstate normal traffic conditions.

Their collective hope is for the road to be swiftly restored, allowing for smooth traffic flow and alleviating the difficulties they have faced due to its current state of disrepair.

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