Myanmar shelling sound sends panic among Rohingyas at zero line


Rohingyas living at the zero line along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border adjoining Bandarban have been frightened by the sound of bullets, artillery and mortars heard from Myanmar.

The territory between Konarpara of Tombru Bazar and Kha Mong Seik hill is called the zero line, or no mans’ land.

More than 4,200 people of 621 Rohingya families from Myanmar’s Rakhine state have been living there for five years.

Sources said Myanmar military and Arakan Army have been fighting fiercely for a month in Walidong hill in Myanmar opposite to Bangladesh bordering Ghumdhum in Bandaraban’s Naikhongchhari.

As the Rohingyas live within hearing of the gunfight sound, they have become frightened, the sources said, adding that both the fighting groups have been using bullets, artillery and mortars in the battle.

Dill Mohammad, chairman of the managing committee of the camp, admitted that panic has gripped the Rohingyas at the zero line due to the fighting taking place near the camp.


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