Bawm community protests against KNF terrorism


The Bawm community organised a human chain protest condemning the Kuki Chin National Front (KNF) for its involvement in bank robbery, kidnapping, and looting of weapons in Ruma and Thanchi upazilas of Bandarban.

On Sunday afternoon, men, women, and children from the Bawm community gathered in front of the Ujani Para ICC Complex to participate in the human chain protest.

Speakers at the protest emphasised that “KNF does not represent the Bawm, and the Bawm do not represent KNF.”

They expressed that the criminal activities of KNF terrorists are causing severe distress to the Bawm community. Due to the terror inflicted by KNF, many Bawm people have been forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge in the jungle, which has disrupted their children’s education.

The speakers warned that if the KNF does not cease its criminal activities and return to normal life, they would intensify their protests in the future.

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