Misunderstanding led to Alikadam checkpost shooting : Police


It was misunderstanding that led to a shooting incident at a joint security checkpost in the Dim Pahar area of Bandaraban’s Alikadam, police said on Friday.

Two truck assistants, Mohammad Tarek (20) and Md Arafat (26), were injured after a truck carrying bricks and sand attempted to cross the checkpost barricade around 12:45 am Thursday night.

Tarek, from Chaikhyong Union in Alikadam, has been hospitalized. Arafat, from the same union, received primary medical care.

The incident follows recent attacks in Ruma and Thanchi, leading to a heightened state of alert among security forces.

DIG Nur-E-Alam Mina of the Chittagong Range confirmed the shooting but attributed it to a misunderstanding. “A sand-carrying truck crossed the checkpost’s barricade, prompting the police to fire,” he said.

The Alikadam-Thanchi road is under increased security surveillance with a joint police and military checkpost at “Dimpaharer Chhabbishkilo.” Vehicles and passengers are subject to checks and questioning.

The damaged truck remains in the Kalamyapara area with visible bullet marks. A law enforcement source explained that the truck was transporting bricks for construction work on the Baklai-Likri border road in Thanchi but encountered delays related to prior shooting incidents in Thanchi market.

The truck’s owner, identified as ‘Sujon Company,’ confirmed the vehicle was shot at while returning from Thanchi to Alikadam.

Police sources initially acted on information suggesting armed militants might be moving from Thanchi towards Alikadam, leading to their cautious stance. The truck attempting to cross the checkpost barricade at 12:45 am triggered the shooting incident.

Injured truck assistant Md. Arafat stated, “We were shot at by the checkpost in the Chhabbishkilometer area while traveling from Thanchi to Alikadam. Two of the three of us in the truck were injured. Tarek was shot in the chest, and I was shot in the back.”

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