Myanmar border shelling leaves three Bangladeshi villages deserted


Heavy clashes between Myanmar’s Arakan Army and government forces have led to continuous gunfire and bombings at the Tumbru Right Camp and Dekubunia Camp near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Bandarban’s Naikhongchhari. 

The conflict, intensifying since early Saturday, has prompted the evacuation of thousands from three villages due to fear of further violence.

Bullets and mortar shells crossing into Bangladesh have injured two residents, Prabindra Dhar, 50, and Rahima Begum, 40, both of whom were urgently taken to Chittagong Medical College for advanced medical treatment after receiving initial care at the Kutupalong refugee camp hospital.

The violence has forced over 40 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police to seek refuge in the Tumbru Bangladesh Border Guard camp, with more than 30 others also looking to enter Bangladesh for safety.

Amidst ongoing aerial bombings and mortar attacks, local markets have shut down, and educational institutions near the border have been temporarily closed as a precaution. Bangladesh Border Guard has heightened security, increasing patrols and maintaining high alert to prevent any spill-over of the conflict.

Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mojahid Uddin assured that measures are in place to avoid any untoward incidents, with local authorities closely monitoring the situation.

The conflict between the Arakan Army and Myanmar’s military has escalated tensions in the border areas, affecting the daily lives of residents and leading to widespread displacement.

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