Rohingyas entering Bangladesh as clashes continue in Myanmar’s Rakhine


Myanmar Rohingyas have been entering Bangladesh amid clashes between Myanmar military and Arakan Army in Rakhine state bordering Bangladesh and India.

Some 10 to 15 Rohingyas have entered Bangladesh from Myanmar and taken shelter in Kutupalong and Balukhali camps in Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhia over the last two days, sources say.

The Rohingyas entered Bangladesh through different border points of Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhia and Teknaf and Bandarban’s Ghumdhum and Tumbru, according to sources.

According to local sources, thousands of Rohingyas from Myanmar are still preparing to enter Bangladesh.

Rabiul Hasan, the leader of Ukhia’s Palangkhali Rights Implementation Committee, said that Rohingyas are fleeing on the pretext of the conflict that has been going on inside Myanmar for the past few days.

Rohingyas are coming every day, he said.

Seven Rohingyas from Myanmar’s Akiab district have fled to Bangladesh – Sharif (9), Bibi Ayesha (7), Bibi Jannat (3), Eshara Begum (27), Sadek Hossain (40) and Md. Taher (13), he cited.

According to Rohingyas who have recently escaped to Bangladesh, Myanmar security forces have resumed operations in Rakhine state. However, the situation there now is calmer than before.

Learning that Malaysia has sent in relief they are coming to Bangladesh, they added.

Myanmar security forces do not allow Rohingyas go out for any work, leaving them often starved or semi-starved, prompting them to also flee to Bangladesh, the fled Rohingyas said.

Some Rohingyas have escaped to Bangladesh from Myanmar. They have been reported to the camp-in-charge. They are being taken to transit camps, said Block-16 majhi Ayub (pseudonym) of Thankhali Camp-19 under Palangkhali Union in Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhia.

Gafur Chowdhury, chairman of Palangkhali Union Parishad, said that there are reports that Rohingyas are preparing to flee to Bangladesh from Bolibazar and Sap Bazar in Myanmar. They are now staying 30 km away from the border of Bangladesh.

Assigned to the Rohingya camp, APBn Additional Superintendent of Police Kamran Hossain said, “We have not received any such information so far. However, we will look into this.”

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