Three women sent to jail in Bandarban for alleged links to KNF

Three women were detained on Saturday night in Bandarban’s Ruma area, accused of affiliating with the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), and were later sent to jail, according to officials.

Identified as Lal Ruat Fel Bawm, 20, Lal Nun Pui Bawm, 19, and Lal Eng Kol Bawm, 26—all residents of Ruma’s Giryapara—the suspects appeared in court on Monday.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Md. Nurul Haq denied their bail, ordering the women and their four children to remain in custody.

Of the suspects, Lal Ruat Fel Bawm was arrested alongside her three-year-old daughter, while Lal Eng Kol Bawm was detained with her infant son and two other young children.

After their arrest on Saturday, the women were processed at Ruma Thana before being transferred to Bandarban Sadar Thana.

They were formally sent to jail under a court order on Monday.

The court’s General Recording Officer (GRO), Vishwajit Singh, confirmed the matter, stating that the three women have been charged in a Ruma weapon looting case and sent to jail.

The latest arrests are part of a broader crackdown following violent incidents on April 2, involving robberies and assaults in Ruma, which led to the filing of five criminal cases.

Following extensive investigations and police operations, a total of 69 individuals have been arrested in nine cases linked to KNF-related arms looting incident.

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