Arakan Army seizes Tumbru Right Camp in Myanmar clash


In a dramatic escalation at the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, the Arakan Army has overtaken the Tumbru Right Camp, previously under the control of the Myanmar Border Police (BGP). This significant shift in power has led to 71 BGP members fleeing to Bangladesh, while many of the others have either escaped into nearby jungles or been killed, various sources have told Parbatta News.

Following the camp’s capture, Myanmar’s military launched a series of intense airstrikes in a bid to reclaim it, marking a significant escalation in the conflict. These strikes have been ongoing since 11 AM on Monday, with Myanmar’s helicopters targeting Arakan Army positions within the camp.

The conflict has also seen 24 people from the adjacent Tumbru Left Camp seeking refuge in Bangladesh, bringing the total number of BGP members to 95. With over a hundred more BGP members poised near the Myanmar border, there are concerns of further crossings should the situation worsen.

Meanwhile, fierce combat continues at the Dekubunia Camp, a battalion headquarters located 2 kilometers from the border. The Myanmar Air Force is actively engaging Arakan Army positions, even as the Myanmar government struggles to provide logistical support to its forces, cut off by roadblocks.

As the conflict intensifies, over a hundred Burmese Chakma villagers have gathered near the Bangladesh border, potentially seeking safety. In response, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has intensified patrols, bracing for possible influxes amidst growing tensions.

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