Army provides free medical aid in Kaukhali


The Bangladesh Army has been contributing to various social development activities across the hilly regions. In line with this, alongside their operational duties in the Rangamati Sadar Zone, they are also engaged in various types of social, development, and welfare works.

As a part of these efforts, on Sunday (November 19), the Kaukhali Army Camp, under the jurisdiction of the Rangamati Sadar Zone, offered free medical treatment and medication to 235 people from the hilly and Bengali communities in the Nailyachari area of Kalmopati Union.

The medical services were conducted by skilled medical officers and members from Rangamati CMH. The medical team was under the direct supervision of the commander of the Kaukhali Army Camp.

The local people, especially those in need, were delighted to receive the free medical services and medication under the guidance of the Kaukhali Camp. They expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards the army for conducting such welfare activities.

The Rangamati Sadar Zone has pledged to continue such community service activities in the future as well, under the Harmony and Development Project.

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