Bangladesh authorities impose movement ban at Ghumdhum border amid Myanmar clashes


In the wake of continued clashes in Myanmar, authorities have implemented a public movement ban at the Ghumdhum border’s zero line in Naikhongchhari, Bandarban. The Union Council has enforced this restriction through precautionary loudspeaker announcements.

Local sources said that on Tuesday (19 December), around 11 AM, announcements were made in various markets, urging locals to refrain from crossing the zero line of the border.

Despite these directives, on-site observations revealed that numerous local farmers have been actively engaged in agricultural activities near the zero line, seemingly disregarding the movement ban.

Addressing the issue, AKM Jahangir Aziz, Chairman of the Ghumdhum Union Council, expressed concerns over the potential for sudden incidents at the zero line due to the ongoing conflict in Myanmar. As a result, the Council has issued warnings to prevent locals from approaching or crossing this sensitive area.

Aziz emphasised that any disregard for these restrictions, leading to accidents, would not be the responsibility of the authorities. In such cases, legal measures would be enforced.

Colonel Saif Islam Chowdhury, commander of the 34-BGB, also confirmed the Union’s announcements.

He clarified that these announcements were made as part of enhanced security protocols along the border, in line with the directives from the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), to safeguard the area amid the unstable situation in Myanmar.

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