Eight KNF members killed in Bandarban gunfight


A gunfight took place between the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) and an opposing group in the Khamtang neighborhood of Rowangchari Sadar UP No. 1, under Rowangchari Upazila in Bandarban District.

Following the incident, a joint team of the army and police conducted a search and found eight bodies with gunshot wounds.

The incident occurred on Thursday, April 6.

On information, on Friday, April 7, a special patrol team was dispatched to the Khamtang Para-1 GR area of Ward 6 of Rowangchari Sadar Union No. 1, located approximately 7 kilometers southeast of the Rowangchari army camp.

A rescue team from Rowangchari police station also arrived at the scene at the same day.

The special patrol team conducted a search in the area and recovered eight bodies with gunshot wounds, believed to be members of the KNF armed group.

Sources were unable to confirm the identity of the opposing group, whether it was the JSS (Reform) or the UPDF (Democratic).

While the KNF sources confirmed the incident, they denied the bodies belonged to their group.

Among the recovered bodies, seven names have been revealed as Bhanu Du Bom, Sang Khum, San Phir Than Bom, Boy Rem Bom, Jahim Bom, Lal Lian Ngak Bom, and Lal Tha Jar Bom.

A 7-member police investigation team headed by Mohammad Abdul Mannan (OC, Rowangchari Police Station) has been dispatched to the scene to recover the bodies and start the process of taking further legal action.


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