Bangladesh condemns Israeli attack at Al Aqsa Mosque


Bangladesh has strongly condemned the violence unleashed against innocent worshippers and civilians at the holy Al Aqsa Mosque by occupying Israeli forces during the early morning prayers on Wednesday (April 5).

Bangladesh expressed deep concerns over the violations of basic civil norms, international human rights laws and international accords by the Israeli forces, reads a foreign ministry press release.

“Bangladesh believes that the freedom of religion must be held as a fundamental human right and the right of practicing religious rituals, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan must be ensured,” it added.

Bangladesh also urged the international community to take measures to end such repeated violence in the occupied territories against international norms.

“Bangladesh reiterates its support for inalienable rights of the people of Palestine for a sovereign and independent homeland and reaffirms its position in favor of establishing an independent state of Palestine on the basis of two-state solution,” says the media release.

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