Fighting continues after Myanmar junta convoy crushed in Chin state

Fierce fighting is continuing in Hakha Township, Chin State, in response to the destruction of a Myanmar junta convoy by resistance forces.

The 30-truck junta convoy was defended by two armored vehicles when it left Kale in Sagaing Region in early March to reinforce Chin State’s capital Hakha but Chin resistance groups weakened it with repeated ambushes.

Last Thursday, the remaining vehicles were destroyed or disabled near Chuncung village about 16km from Hakha.

The convoy originally had around 200 troops but was reduced to about 40 soldiers and 12 vehicles before the final ambush. Resistance groups used drones and landmines, destroying or disabling the two armored vehicles and the remaining trucks, according to resistance groups. Some junta troops escaped to the village on Thursday, groups said.

The junta sent around 100 reinforcements in four vehicles from Hakha following the attack, according to the Chinland Joint Defense Committee.

“The fighting continues with the troops who are temporarily stationed in Chuncung and the junta forces advancing from Hakha to Chuncung,” Chin National Front spokesman Salai Htet Ni said.

During the clashes on Monday, a resistance fighter was killed and two injured, he said.

The Chin media reported that three junta soldiers were killed and ammunition seized on Monday. The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports.

The junta has retaliated with shelling, airstrikes and arson attacks in Chin State. Some houses in Chuncung have reportedly been burned by junta forces.

A resistance fighter told The Irrawaddy that anti-regime forces are preparing to ambush the reinforcements from Hakha.

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