JSS killed more than 1000 Bengali families: KNF


Claiming that Jana Sanghati Samiti, or JSS, terrorists have always been against Islam, the Kuki-Chin National Front, or KNF, has sent out a video message explaining their position on the recent joint forces operation in Bandarban.

“The KNF has never been against the government. We have chosen the path of compromise by showing the government as much respect as possible. That’s why we retreated. The KNF had no intention of attacking the vehicles of joint forces. We have retreated at the behest of the higher echelons of the KNF,” said Lt Pabik, a KNF member, in the video message that went around social media on Wednesday (October 19th) evening.

“Since the beginning have JSS terrorists been against Islam. It is since before the hill tracts treaty indeed. They have a lot of such history. They killed more than 1,000 Bengali families. Not only the Bengalis, they also killed many talented people of Marma, Bawm, Tangchanga, Pangkhowa, Khiang, and Murong tribes living in the three hill districts. You will see evidence of this on the timelines of many people on Facebook.

“JSS terrorists allege that Islam has been being spread in the hill tracts to establish it as a dominant religion there and that foreign separatist armed groups are being trained in KNF camps. With such false information, they (JSS terrorists) basically conspired to attack our camp. However, the KNF has nothing to do with any militant group.

“The main demand of the JSS was to stop the militarization of the Chittagong Hill Tracts and to stop the spread of Islam. Isn’t it strange to raid a tribe in the Chittagong Hill Tracts based on such false information from the JSS,? Although the peace treaty is more than 40 [24] years old, the major impediment to the implementation of that treaty is the terrorist president of the JSS, Santu Larma, himself. Although the treaty lays it out that weapons should be submitted, only a few weapons that were damaged and unusable had been submitted under the leadership of Santu Larma.”

Referring to the recent joint forces’ operation, the KNF member said, “During the joint forces’ operation on October 12, it is the JSS members who opened fire on the army and snatched some of the weapons used by the army. However, the KNF was blamed for this.”

When asked if the video that was shared on different Facebook pages and groups was from the KNF, senior leader Lt. Col. Mawei confirmed that it was.

He did not, however, say whether the video was shot in the country or circulated from outside.

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