KNF has no connection with us: Ethnic minorities


Ethnic minorities have said they have nothing to do with the newly launched Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), an armed separatist group based in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

They announced this at a press conference at Arun Sarki Town Hall in Bandarban district town on Tuesday amid claims by the KNF that ethnic minorities Bawm, Pangkho, Lusai, Mro, Khgumi and Khiang are involved with the separatist group.

Representatives from Bawm, Pangkho, Lusai, Mro, Khgumi and Khiang also condemned such KNF claims involving them with the group while speaking at the press conference organised by Sachetan Nagorik Samaj.

The KNF recently made headlines as they provided shelter and combat training to members of the militant outfit “Jama’atul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya” in the remote hill tracts in exchange for money.

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