Arsa chief’s aide confesses to group’s anarchy plot in Bangladesh


Arkan Salvation Army (Arsa) Chief Ataullah Jununi aimed to create unrest in Bangladesh, his aide Ershad Noman Chowdhury was quoted by the RAB as confessing.

In a press conference, the Captain of Cox’s Bazar RAB-15, Colonel H M Sajjad Hossain, disclosed that Chowdhury shared this information during his preliminary interrogation, following his arrest on Monday, October 2, at midnight.

Chowdhury, of Rohingya descent, became affiliated with Arsa at the age of 16, succeeding his father. He quickly ascended to critical roles within the organization, serving as Chief Ataullah Jununi’s bodyguard, assistant, and eventually, his trusted financial coordinator, he said.

The RAB-15 captain added that Chowdhury had been channeling funds from the Middle East using the hundi system. This money, sent by Rohingyas, was designated for the purchase of weapons and their distribution among various factions.

While in custody, Chowdhury also confessed to his active participation in several terror operations and disclosed details about Arsa Chief Ataullah’s plans to sabotage Bangladesh’s stability to RAB officials, according to Col Hossain.

RAB authorities, however, have indicated that further investigations are underway to trace the origin of the weapons Arsa has been deploying.

According to RAB’s information wing, over the past year, they have apprehended 60 top-tier leaders from ARSA.

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