UPDF launches month-long market boycott in protest of leaders’ murders


In Khagrachhari, the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) Prasit group has launched a month-long boycott of the Panchari market, echoing a 2018 market boycott by the same group.

The boycott, starting on Friday, is in response to the brutal murder of four leaders, including Bipul Chakma, a key figure in the Democratic Youth Forum on Monday.

This protest action has led to a notable drop in attendance by hill residents, adversely impacting local traders.

The market boycott is part of a series of protests orchestrated by the UPDF Prasit group.

These actions include demonstrations and mourning rallies from Wednesday-Friday, the hoisting of black flags in various locations, and the possibility of extending the boycott beyond January 15, 2024.

Additionally, a general strike is planned across Panchari Upazila on Saturday, followed by a district-wide road blockade in Khagrachhari on Sunday.

Meanwhile, security forces have successfully rescued three UPDF Prasit group leaders.


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