Bandarban UP chairman allegedly kidnapped by KNF, freed after four hours


In a dramatic turn of events in Bandarban, Uhlamong Marma, chairman of Paindu Union Parishad, was allegedly kidnapped by the Kuki Chin National Front (KNF) and later released after four hours.

The incident had initially occurred on Sunday, January 14th, while Uhlamong Marma was returning from Keukradong in Ruma upazila. He was abducted near Rungtung Jhiri on the Bogalek Road.

Uhlamong Marma, 50, was released around 9 PM in the Bogalek area.

Speaking of his ordeal, Marma said, “I was let go around 9 PM and am now in good health. Local youths came to escort me home. Kidnappers didn’t harm me, and they released me unconditionally.”

The kidnapping was first reported when Ruma Upazila Chairman Uhlaching Marma confirmed the kidnapping incident.

Eyewitnesses had recounted that Uhlamong Marma, accompanied by LEAN project members, was intercepted and kidnapped by KNF near Rungtung Jhiri, allegedly for ransom.

Polipranga Union Parishad member Ongsa Pru Marma, who had been in the same vehicle, witnessed KNF members forcibly taking Uhlamong Marma while allowing others to leave the scene.

Kidnapped Uhlamong Marma’s wife, Ngai En Mui Bom, said that the kidnappers had held her husband for ransom, as revealed during a brief conversation with them.

Contacted, Md Shahjahan, Officer-in-Charge at Ruma Police Station, had noted that an investigation was underway and that further details would be shared in due course.

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