Sounds of mortar shells shake Teknaf

The sound of mortar shells and gunfire from across the Myanmar border is causing vibrations in various areas of Teknaf, prompting the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Coast Guard to remain on high alert.

Loud explosions from mortar shells and gunfire are being heard in Shah Porir Dwip and St. Martin’s Island, causing fear and panic among residents. Fighter jets have been seen flying over Myanmar’s airspace, intensifying the tension.

Local residents reported that the intermittent sounds of heavy shelling from Myanmar shook Shah Porir Dwip and St. Martin from Wednesday morning until night.

“Once again, the sounds of mortar shells and gunfire are coming from Myanmar across the border,” said Nur Hosnain, chairman of the Sabrang Union Parishad. “The explosions have caused vibrations in various areas of Shah Porir Dwip in Sabrang, Teknaf.”

“In the ongoing conflict east of the island, there are extensive sounds of mortar shells in Hassaura and Merulla villages in Maungdaw, Rakhine, Myanmar,” said local resident Jasim Uddin. “The loud noise from across the border has shaken the courtyards of houses here. Additionally, fighter jets and ships have been seen in their skies and waters.”

Communication between Teknaf and St. Martin has been suspended for seven days due to the firing from the Myanmar border, leaving nearly 10,000 residents facing shortages of medicine, food, and essential supplies. The district administration is exploring alternative routes for the Teknaf-St. Martin sea route. Two ships carrying food and supplies are scheduled to depart from Teknaf to St. Martin on Thursday morning, according to district officials.

“All night long, the sounds of mortar shells and gunfire have been coming from Myanmar. People are unable to overcome their fear,” said Mujibur Rahman, chairman of the St. Martin Union Parishad.

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