Khagrachari Army Region distributes financial aid


Under the auspices of the Khagrachari Army Region, a significant effort to provide financial support to those in need has recently taken place.

On Sunday, October 22, at noon, the Region Commander, Brigadier General Md. Mohtasim Haider Chowdhury, personally oversaw the distribution of financial donations within the premises of the Khagrachari Army Region office.

A total sum of 2 lakh 65 thousand taka was allocated during this philanthropic endeavor. The financial assistance was extended to benefit representatives of six indigent patients, support two humanitarian organizations, and provide aid to fifteen Durga Puja Mandaps.

During the distribution of aid, Brigadier General Mohtashim Haider Chowdhury emphasized the unwavering commitment of the army to improve the religious, social, and humanitarian aspects of life in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He reaffirmed that this noble mission would continue into the future, highlighting the army’s dedication to serving the local population.

Present during the event were several distinguished officers, including the Brigade Major of the region, Imroz Munir, and the Regional Staff Officer (G2I), Major Zahid Hasan, alongside other officers representing the Khagrachari Army Region.

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