NGOs working for Rohingya must disclose financial details, Bangladesh minister says

The government will ask the NGOs to disclose details of their money given by different organisations to see how much money they spent for Rohingyas.

“There are allegations about many NGOs that they do terror financing…It will be investigated,” Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque revealed this information while talking to reporters after the cabinet committee meeting on the law and order situation at the Home Ministry.

The minister said: “I do not have the authority to demand an account from those who fund. We have asked them for awareness — if the money given is used properly, everyone will benefit.”

“According to reports of intelligence agencies, many arms and ammunition are entering the country illegally and drives will be conducted in the areas where illegal arms smuggling is taking place on specific information,” he said.

Many people have made fake licences for arms and these will be scrutinised, he added.

Referring to the drug issue, Mozammel said a discussion was held over how to control the use of drugs. Already, a list has been published naming the drug peddlers, drug users and smugglers, but a permanent list will be made, he said.

Besides, a brief discussion was held over the security ahead of the February 21st as  measures have been taken to ensure security for diplomats as they can pay tribute easily, said the minister.

Talking about the law and order situation, Mozammel said: “The law and order situation is normal now and we are satisfied with it.”

He also urged the law enforcers to refrain from doing anything which can tarnish the image of the law enforcers.

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